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Hey. If you would. Send me pic's of your Heads. I believe you have Roller Rockers with yours. Some of the guys i've been talking to that has P/P Heads. Are setup for stock cam and stock valves. I have a roller cam. Thanks.
Hey Bison. Trying to get my GN back on the road. I was told by a friend that you port and polish heads. Or might have a set. If so. How much to P/P stock heads. Or sale a Set. Also. Do you have any used turbos (te49). I'm currently running a 44. Thanks John.
I have a question about the waste gate on grand national, need to make sure i put the Y connection in the right way.could anyone help with this?
trying to get correct waste gate solenoid and vacuum hose set up .
I don't remember much about the internal WG anymore. Call Lou Czarnota and ask him. 949.378.1590
I thought about it hard AND I talked to Lou.:)

Straight leg on the "y" goes from solenoid to the compressor. The side of the solenoid closest to you as you stand at the right side fender. That straight part of the "y" has a little restrictor in it, so it's very important that you use an original part.

The other part of the "y" goes to the actuator.

Hope this helps.
Hey, I am interested in your T type, mostly interested on the quality of the paint job and find out if it is road worthy to make it to Nebraska or if I would have to have it shipped. thanks
Hi there I’m looking for a Buick grand national performance motor. Any help would be appreciated Steve 4165620341
Bison, looking at getting a converter, I see you recommended the 9.5" ptc. Is this something you spec out? I cant call on the phone, currently deployed. Though I do have whatsapp and fb. My email is thank you

Almost stock 1987 Black Turbo T. RJC power plate, Pypes dual exhaust, Turbo Tweak Classic Chip, 160 deg. T Stat and all the Kirban braces.
do you have any of the car left? looking for interior parts, rear seats etc possiblly some of the plastic?

6155337172 shandy
If you haven't found a posi unit yet I have one. $200 shipped. I can send pics if desired. There is a partial install kit included.
My mobile TB is not working very well after the crash. I can send pics to text if available ?
Thanks N2BUICK 405 831 5195
haven't found one or really spent time on it since been working on heads, intake and getting motor put back together. Appreciate you sending me pics and info when you get a chance. you can text me pics/info at 517-749-7887 if that's easier.
I'm going to look at your old limited was there any metal work done on the car/frame especially because of the t-tops leaking ?tried finding the rebuild that you did for any other information looks greatwith the work you have done.Thanks in advance Jim 860-280-7519
Doug, I would like to know what Buick Registry has or can get tracking the ownership on GNX 119. Originally Straub Motors out of Keyport, NJ as a dealer had it for 25 years. I believe it was wholesaled to Marshall Goldman Dealer.