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New to the site, having trouble searching forums, keep getting error message - Opps Something Went Wrong. Using Chome and IE Explorer , any advise.
Is the powermaster still for sale? Would you take $300?
Reply to if interested.
I would like to be able to change the selling price of a car I have listed for sale in the Classified Section. The price only appears in the title of the thread, so putting a new price in an updated post in the thread is not necessarily the best way to communicate the new lower price. Please allow me to edit the title on my post, reducing the price from $11,000 to $9,500. Thank you, Dick Lynch
Hey there Sir, this is Future X-Gray. Is there anyway you could message me? I had spoke to Coach and wanted to ask you some questions.
X Ray
X Ray
Give me a call 734-306-2227 regards rick
86 GN I've had the car for 25 years with only driving it occasionally , just flipped 65 k miles. An aftermarket fuel pump was put in back in the day, but don't remember the specifics . Kenne Belle ram air intake and it may have been a Red Armstrong Chip. That was all done 25 years ago; just added the Dutt neck and have purchased alky injection and larger injectors but neither have been installed yet.
I found one late yesterday - its bent and would require considerable rehab for sure, sorry. Glad you found one 'tho.
I will try to check for extra moldings tomorrow. If I don't get back rattle my cage.
its the track that attaches to b pillar and holds the window weather stripping in place.
hey tricksixpa has them and sent a pic. gonna buy his. thx for the response though
My zip code is 94560 find out the shipping cost to you and I’m asking $20 my # 650-669-6030 n my PayPal is
Me and my son are die hard buick turbo guys and we race our cars test and tune i run low 9's and my son in the 8's. Precision makes great performing turbo's for the GN's also all our Mustang, Chevy, and import friends all use their turbo's.
I couldn't agree more. PTE has my vote
Nick, I saw a post of yours from several years ago so I'm not expecting a positive answer but here goes - Do you still have a TechLock solenoid lying around the basement? Mine just broke after 28 years. Thanks