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May 24, 2001
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Jan 6, 1976 (Age: 41)
King Crab fisherman

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Back in a Buick., 41, from Louisiana

Staff Member

Hmmmm Nov 13, 2014

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Viewing forum, Mar 24, 2017 at 12:52 PM
    1. TURBO 6
    2. DaJoker
      Any local shops you could recommend for my TTA? I think I'm looking at a cam and lifter change at the easiest, posted a thread in the TTA section about my problems. Thanks for any help, Kris.
    3. GNT_Dred
      Hi, I posted an item for sale a few weeks back and got a message saying it would be posted once a moderator has reviewed it. it was never posted and I never got a response back from a moderator. I've just re-posted the item and got the same message, and just wanted to make sure there is someone who actually goes through and reviews the posts. I think I've read all the rules I could find and hopefully haven't violated any in posting this item. Please let me know if I'm good to go.

    4. Matstang93
      Wass up WHO DAT all in YO face
    5. oldwirehead
      I have lost (deleted) one of my folders (My Buys) is there anyway to restore it?
    6. TurboV6Olds
      Could you please delete my post on the feedback forum for AffordableGN? I accidentally posted his account number eventhough he is a pos I would like to delete and repost. I also contacted Lee to have this deleted.

      Thanks, Rick
    7. Jicaju
      I assume you were trying to help when you moved my posts together problem is my comp cam is list as a DSL cam and ATR cam is listed as a Comp Cam now. Oh well, maybe it will be okay.

    8. krazy86t
      Is there a way to do RSS feeds on posts to this forum? Preferably with a key word search. For instance one can easily do this with Craigslist posts to update a web mail program. Also with news feeds. thx!
    9. joeya
      Hey its Joe call me 203 869 4874 let me know what up with alky kit.
    10. GNBRETT
      that old car of urs put down 660 tonight at 27 psi I believe. things maken good power
    11. Bruce Compton
      Bruce Compton
      No problem. Thanks for getting back. I would like to change the price on the first post and get rid of some wording or put a new post ttt if that can be done. Sorry, I`m not the sharpest computer user.
    12. TURBO 6
      TURBO 6
      I'm sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner. You only have certain amount of time to edit your posts. After that, a moderator has to do it.
    13. Bruce Compton
      Bruce Compton
      How do I get an answer to my question?
    14. Bruce Compton
      Bruce Compton
      How do I go in and edit my post on cars for sale? Can`t seem to get there.
    15. bdgjr120
      Is there a way to move post from Ebay to gen tech, can't figure it out. Thanks.
    16. Ryan
      HOW TO Forum. I am also a memeber of a Ford Focus forum. I like the way they have the HOW TO section set up. It is very organized. Think we should have ours set up a similar way. * * * * C o m p l e t e ' H o w T o ' A r c h i v e * * * * - Focus Fanatics
    17. samTurboT
      Hey Damon is this you? I bought your vette, and thought I'd send you a few new pictures of it. I'm using my son's account. Please email me at d.kelly@mchsi.com see ya, Dave
    18. 2toneNV
    19. bigcap
      Can I please have my trader rating fixed since it was from a mr Jason Mcguire after I complained about him doing shadey business. Now that it's stickied that he is a scammer I think it's pretty sure to say I'm tellin the truth.
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    Jan 6, 1976 (Age: 41)
    King Crab fisherman
    Turbo Regals


    Regal Limited 10k original miles
    Mid 11's @ 119