Possible mods for '84 Hot Air car in Cali (San Diego)

Discussion in 'Smog tech and emissions tech' started by John Knolla, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Dec 24, 2016
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    Title says it all, what performance mods are possible under BAR and Cali smog? I'd like to be able make as much reliable HP as possible and pass smog so I dont have to go through hassle lf registering it another state.

    Car is bone stock, 1984, ~103K miles.

    Advice appreciated.


    Edited to add, question is stuff like 3" down pipe, alky, '87 ECM/MAF swap, larger turbo, etc. - what does experience say a person can get away with in the nanny state?
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    Nov 9, 2013
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    I recently passed in Northern California with the cold air kit open k&n filter, adjustable fpr. But for some reason I had to put the sto ecm back in for it to pass. To each his own you know how finicky Kali is when it comes to smog shops and the things you are asking about could definitely red flag the tech as far as the visual goes 3" in California definite fail when it comes to the visual inspection. Most exhaust shops don't even have the 3" bender because it's illegal for street use in CA. I usually make friends with a few shops techs in town by sending them business and whatever else I can do to get on their good side :cigar::cigar::D and as long as the car runs clean, the cat is on and no codes they pass it if not, you pay :greedy: you pass :whistle:

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