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    We have a new scammer! Jean88

    Same here.
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    Radiator hold down

    Got any pics ?
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    Radiator hold down

    Looking for a radiator hold down, putting electric fans in my 79 Monte and I’m guessing the GN hold down should work. Let me know how much shipped to MI 48111
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    Wanted 18x9 GNX wheels

    Good luck. Personally I would go 19s I went that route and don’t regret it 1 bit. Makes your car stand out more everyone has 18s. Had a shop local to me narrow the fronts to 8.5’’ only cost a few hundred bucks
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    Holley HP EFI + Cruz Harness Install

    Any way to add the pictures back to this thread ? I’m waiting for my order to come in and would love to see your pics to help me with my install.
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    Headlight question

    Who sells a known good harness ? I don’t mind fixing this one if that’s my only option but damn sure shouldn’t have too.
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    Headlight question

    He’s on Facebook about every night with his nightly thoughts, maybe we should post there and give him something to think about lol. He has to know about this by now.
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    Headlight question

    Yes. Just installed mines the other week high beams will not turn off.
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    Headlight question

    According to their directions the wiring was correct unless I overlooked something, and initially it was working correctly which is what has me threw off. Can you post your schematic again or send it to me ?
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    Headlight question

    I installed the Kirbans kit over the weekend, all went well until I hit the stalk for the high beams they came on as they should have but now I cant get them to turn off. Whenever I hit my light switch I get all 4 lights, any suggestions on how to fix this ?
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    ENGINE BAY PICS: Jaw Droppers

    Hey I see you post on here often and always wondered what IBBY meant ?
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    External trans cooler
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    External trans cooler

    There is a piece you can buy but I made my own out of a bolt in valve stem and some plumbing pieces. Keep saying I’m going to buy 1 but when I need it I need it right then and can’t wait on shipping. I had 1 blow out a few years ago At about 25psi fun times lol ! Won’t let me upload a pic of...
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    External trans cooler

    Think mines was just a matter of something else happening to go wrong when I made that change and was unrelated to the translator. My issue wound up being a vac leak at the EGR block off plate. I had to pressurize the system to find it.
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    June 5th caravan to Bates.

    That was the first place I checked there not in stock.