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    Comp Cams 980 spring questions...

    i agree. tbh i didn't plan on doing any of that as i do not have the tools or the knowledge. the motor is all stock internally except for a new double roller. goal was to run it all out until the motor lets go. I have the 980's that i was gonna put in, did some more reading and arrived at this...
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    Comp Cams 980 spring questions...

    sorry to revive this super old thread, but this is almost my same question so no sense in starting another. if someone bought 980 springs and wished they had gone 981, would using the stock spring cup along with the 980 inner dampeners be ok? figured that would bump the stiffness close to the...
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    Vacuum ball

    yes, the 3 way valve connects the vacuum source and tees into the vacuum ball and HVAC. if u had cruise control, it would tee into the vacuum ball line by the driverside fender.
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    thinking about a TR6 - coil options?

    thanks NY Twin Turbo, Dwilc47, michael evans. I think im gonna get the TR6, D599A coil, and the Don Cruz MSD wires. I have a slight stumble, where if i floor it, the stumble can sometimes be bad enough to kill the engine. most of the time it stumbles and then clears up. if i ease into the...
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    thinking about a TR6 - coil options?

    thank you dank GN and Sweet6. can the TR6 bolt on to the factory coil/moduel bracket? then the D599A coil bolts on top? I don't want to do any "fab" work and kinda want everything to appear as factory as possible.
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    thinking about a TR6 - coil options?

    Hello, I am thinking about getting the TR6 ignition since either my stock module or coil or both are beginning to fail. I see most people use the D599A coil, how does the output of this coil compare to the stock turbo Buick coil? I am sure individual coils are the most powerful option but I...
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    TA Valve covers

    yes they do, they just cant advertise them as such but they all come with the logo. i just bought a set
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    CRUZ Performance 4th Of July Sale!

    any sales on your trans line kit?