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    WTB: GN quarter windows

    bump. still looking for these, thanks
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    WTB: GN quarter windows

    still looking for windows
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    WTB: GN quarter windows

    anybody else have some?
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    WTB: GN quarter windows

    hello, I am looking to buy a set (left & right) of the 2 quarter windows that are in good condition off a Grand National. I would rather buy new but I do not believe reproductions for the GN quarter windows are available. The GN windows have black trim instead of chrome trim found on other...
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    ECM mods for low impedance injectors

    not yet, but probably in a week. my car is in the shop at the moment. thanks
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    door hinge rebuild kit

    i just noticed the rollers are also worn on my hinges (in addition to the hinge pins and bushings). Is there a rebuild kit for the detent roller in the hinge also?
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    ECM mods for low impedance injectors

    Sent! Thanks I already have your Powerlogger installed on my ecu, do i have to remove that before sending it to you?
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    CRUZ Performance Tax Season Sale!

    for the transcooler kit, where do lines end up? I want to put the cooler under the passenger headlight/battery area and was wondering if there was enough length to do so.
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    Kirban upgraded H4 headlights (4) kit w/harness

    just bought the Kirban kit so that's on the way. has anybody used H4 LED bulbs in them?
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    power 6 logo license plate

    Hello, I've seen a lot of member's cars with the "power 6" logo front license plate and was wondering where I could buy one? I've seen them on ebay on amazon, it appears to be a acrylic overlay of some sort glued onto the plate. Not sure if that is the legit one or if it should be stamped or...
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    AVOID MOOG Problem Solver control arm bushings...for now

    why not use the black Energy Suspension bushings instead?
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    serpentine belts not lasting long

    4060630, fits perfect for my car
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    door hinge rebuild kit

    I guess my only fear of putting in new hinges as opposed to just replacing the bushings is getting the door aligned afterwards. My door is aligned pretty good right now so I didn't want that hassle.
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    door hinge rebuild kit

    hello, What is the best door hinge rebuild kit? I know you can get the Dorman and HELP! kits but they quality isn't that great. Any kits ya'll recommend? Thanks.
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    Rear end Carrier Upgrade

    thanks. yes the plan is the 30 spline set-up with a trutrac, but wondering if i should do c-clip eliminators at the same time.
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