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    WTB: 60lb INJ Alky, Torque Converter, 3Bar Map, Oil and Clnt Temp Gauges Etc.

    I have both block off plates, throttle body and EGR let me know.
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    Rear bumper shocks

    Looking for some good rear bumper shocks for a G/N thank's.
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    Electric Repair kit

    G/N electric repair kit and a bunch of pig tails with leads, from a G/N wiring harness. $150 for it all ship.
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    Engine Harness Repair Pigtail Kit

    I have a box of pig tail ends with the pins and little rubbers in a repair kit, also a bunch of pig tails from a G/N wiring harness, for sale., I do have pics.
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    Hot air injectors and chip

    I have a set of 28lb injectors and a Factory chip from a 87 Turbo t, if need'ed.
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    TT chip wanted

    T-Type Jones thank's , but i have two of them.
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    TE45A turbo

    killer turbo.
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    TT chip wanted

    Thank's brother i found one.
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    TT chip wanted

    Looking for a TT chip or a copy for a stock car with stock injectors. thank's.
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    Looking for parts

    I might have found it, i will let you know for sure on what happen, Tomorrow, thank's Brother.
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    Looking for parts

    Looking for a good power steering pump, lines and reservoir with the bracket, let me know what you have , Thank's
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    Silicone rubbers

    Four, 3" silicone cup lours in Blue, for throttle body, intercooler, turbo and mass air, comes with brand new T clamps $100 ship.
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    Timing cover F/S

    cam sensor sold.
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    Timing cover F/S

    here is some pics.
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    Timing cover F/S

    will do.