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    Greater St. Louis Area

    Hey whats up my fellow local turbo buick junkies ;) Some of you guys already know but for those who dont, I just wanted to make myself available. Ive been a certified paint protection film installer since 2004 ("invisible bra", "clear bra"). Not sure how many of you are members over at st...
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    Met Jamie at BG

    Congrats!!! Hey I know I havent been around like I used to, still have a pulse though and still have the car. Heard about Jamie's times from one of our local guys who was there to see it and just had to get on here and post. Way to go Jamie! Makin us all proud! Whenever money and other...
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    Another 11 Sec HOTAIR

    From playing with different mixtures way back when I do know that straight h2o quenched detonation quite effectively. I would turn up the boost and couldnt get any kr. However I stopped turning up at a point since I could also feel that there was a loss in overall power compared to using the...
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    Another 11 Sec HOTAIR

    Alright Brent!! Congrats! Glad to see things are coming together. I should have been there along with you and Jamie long time ago but I know Ive been slacking :redface:. I really am tired of working in a small small garage or outside so Im sort of holding out till I can build me a new one and...
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    Haven't been here in a while. Here's why...

    Matt, I am so sorry to hear about that. I would have been just as pissed. I remember when my brother's '84 was stolen we drove around for hours looking for someones ass to beat! After getting screwed over early on with the first cars I owned I started learning how to do "everything" so that I...
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    Good front shocks for street?

    I bought my Bilsteins from AutoZone a few years back. I could of sworn they were in stock and had a lifetime warranty! Im pretty sure the price was reasonable too, especially considering the warranty. I have always been impressed with how the car sits and handles after putting new stock springs...
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    Hot air on Stock block 11.14 @ 119.44

    Jamie, Congrats!! My brother mentioned your most recent feat and I finally have been able to check out the thread. I knew you weren't satisfied with 11.6's;) Sounds like your definitely on your way to a 10 sec slip and your goal. Then you guys can sit back and exhale in the glory :cool: :D Good...
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    resurfacing heads bigtime for compression bump

    Thanks for all the replies! Im very pleased with the feedback. I know there is definately a right way to do this, and I wish I did it that way before I had a bunch of $$ into it putting it together how it currently sits. I will get with my machinist and ponder all the ideas/info youve given...
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    resurfacing heads bigtime for compression bump

    Thanks for the replies. I thought the thinnest the cometics came in were .026-.027? I will have to call them. The piston and deck came out to 54cc by the way. I dont know if these pistons were meant to be used with custom length rods or what? Thinking about maybe finding a common ground and...
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    resurfacing heads bigtime for compression bump

    Ive got a set of 8445 heads that have been ported/polished w/ larger valves, etc, etc. Checked them and they are now at 42cc. Forged pistons for my 4.1 that I grabbed off this board werent exactly what I expected and as a result after short block assembly/balancing, etc., compression isnt what I...
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    Steel Shims for 4.1L ?

    Thanks Fuzzy. Only bad part there is that the short block is fully assembled now:( So I guess Im not likely to be doing it. What final compression ratio did you wind up with on your 4.1?
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    Steel Shims for 4.1L ?

    I suppose I could. They are some already done up heads. Really nice, bigger valves etc, that I picked up from Precision Motorsports of Florida/Bob Morreale (bmcomputersource on here). Didnt really want to mess with them. I'll ask my machinist. I thought I brought up the idea before though. Maybe...
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    Steel Shims for 4.1L ?

    Quoting my machinist the bore is actually 4 inch 20 I want to make sure that my compression ratio is AT LEAST 8:1 (like stock). I was shooting for 8.5:1 or 9:1 but looks like thats not going to happen. I got these forged pistons from a board member awhile back and they wound up not being...
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    Steel Shims for 4.1L ?

    As title says, wondering if there are any steel shim headgaskets available for a production 4.1 ? Bore is 4.20
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    Hot Air Performance V1 Intake

    Bump for a piece that works. I was one of the first group that got these from turbomotion way back when. Cost me $450 + (if I recall correctly) and my intake for a core, and didnt look quite as nice as this one does. Nice bang for the buck. I still have mine and with my small turbo still have...