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    WTB: Throttle body cable

    I assume gas pedal and not Cruise or TV?
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    84-87 Buick Regal Speedo Cluster

    I have one in very nice condition. Make offer.
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    NVU gauge cluster installation.

    I feel compelled to dispel the rumors also; I am the "someone" who approached members here for a group buy. I NEVER took a picture of GNS stuff. Truth is, all instrument cluster products will look similarly due to the limited area one has to place gauges. The true inspiration for all these items...
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    Nice Tensioner SOLD !!

    These are being reproduced, just like the originals.
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    Price on the translator?
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    Who did I piss off?

    A hot water and ammonia solution should take care of it and the ammonia content will help in preventing flash rust.
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    Hellacious squeal

    Careful with too tight of a belt it can eat the alternator front bearing.
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    Diesel oil users?

    I use the Dollar General brand.
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    Best fuel pump available?

    DeatschWerks has a better no hassles warranty. I will never use another Walbro product after the failure fiasco some years back.
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    Has anyone successfully ran these on their GN?

    What is the widest tire that will fit on those without rubbing?
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    Gray GN T Type steering wheel.

    Got one thanks.
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    Gray GN T Type steering wheel.

    Need a Steering wheel either in good shape or one that needs recover price should reflect condition.
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    Spun bearings

    200k ain't too bad, I know it sucks cause my yukon has 270k and its my only running vehicle right now...
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    Intake manifold gasket question

    You are loosing sleep over the wrong issue. The lined gaskets are very good at sealing, some guys put a thin smear around the water ports but that is mainly for the steel shim type gaskets. The issue that should concern you is the use of the rubber end seals. Over time (and not very much time)...
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    CF5 Astro roof motor