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    Various parts for sale - Stage 2

    How much for pistons
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    New Autometer mechanical fuel pressure gauge Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
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    Want to go from carb turbo to intercooled fuel injection

    Hey guys as the title states im thinking about converting my carb turbo car to a more modern setup with ecm and intercooler I like the performance out of the more modern setups If I'm not wrong I need the following Heads with complete intake manifold Front cover Wiring harnesses Ecm Turbo...
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    Need to Identfy this ESC unit...

    How much would you like for it
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    Before Black BS'ing thread.

    Where can I find some of those parts and how much could a kit like that set me back money wise?
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    hello i want to introduce myself

    Thanks a lot I might bother you guys for help and info
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    Need to Identfy this ESC unit...

    Would you like to sell this esc
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    PARTING 6 CARS 2-87 GN's 1-87 Turbo T 1-87 Limited 1-83 Regal Lots of pics

    The heads intake manifold with turbo engine harness ecm and any other part thats need to switch between carb turbo to fuel injection
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    Pontiac 301 TBO305

    What's your asking price?
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    hello i want to introduce myself

    Ok thanks a lot
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    4.1 Block, Ported Heads, and stuff for sale

    How much for the intake ?
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    Downpipe and headers?

    How much would you like for the headers without the tial wastegate Thanks
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    It looks like a TIAL wastegate
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