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  • I doubt it has anything to do with the key. I don't know allot about the factory security systems in these cars but I don't think there was any chip teck in the keys so that means as long as they allow you to turn the ignition switch then it's not the problem. Out of curiousity where are you located? Also, is there any way we could talk on the phone? It would speed up the exchange of info. Let me know. I'm in Florida with nothing to do for a few hours.
    thanks black bandit I replaced all sensors coil pack crank sensor cam sensor wires plugs and fuel pump do u think the security system may have somthing to do with it.I lost the original key that I got with car but I had made one before I lost it @ wal-mart do u think that could be the problem
    Hey black bandit help me with my buick im having starting problems just put my engine in it will hit but will not start gettn fuel and firing
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