Jan 21, 1961 (Age: 63)
My car(s)
86 Grand National


1986 Buick Grand National, Diamond Pistons .030, Comp.Cam 212/212 with new valve springs, Siemens 60lb injectors, Walbro fuel pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, Caspers Hot wire fuel pump kit, MAF-Translator, LT-1 MAF, RJC Power plate, TE-61,5/62 by Work Turbo , G-Body SLIC,
TT-Chip 5.7, G-Body 3" downpipe with cat and 2 x 2.5" straight flow exhaust, K&N Cold Air, 3021 HF Billet Lock-up converter and upgraded TH2004R by Dave Husek ,2" drop spindles, boxed trailing arms,


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