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    no fan club

    You realize the intercooler fan has nothing to do with any of the data you gathered on that drive, correct? (also, you have false readings. You can't have a inlet temp at the IAC sensor of 51 when ambient is 65)
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    Standard 109 Block for Sale

    How much did it cost for the gold plating? :D
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    Starter ?

    The answer is ''it depends''. Aftermarket SBC starters can get set up for oddball flexplates/flywheels and may or may not work on Buick V6s. The only way to know is to measure and try (and then measure again)
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    Broken Drivers Side Header

    The first time it gets pulled can be a PIA. All the unnecessary studs on the rear fasteners require a deep well and/or an articulating ratchet wrench to remove. Once those bolts spend some quality time with a hacksaw (or replaced with nice new ones) the job gets easy peasy. Pops right...
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    General Block, Head, Crank (Core) Inspections?

    Verify it's a 109 casting, then roll the dice based on price. ...because availability is long gone. You're looking at a piece of iron that's at least 1/3 of a century old. Example: Last week I drove so far into Aladamnbama that I lost satellite signal to buy an N/A engine. When I got...
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    General Block, Head, Crank (Core) Inspections?

    They already have knock sensors. The only difference between it an a ''turbo block'' is the return hole is drilled and tapped. ....and they've only seen 20hp per hole their entire life.
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    Standard 109 Block for Sale

    Damn. Would you like him to have it bored, honed, cam bearinged, freeze plugged, square decked, and perhaps a nice thick coat of 24K gold too? Then, when it's ready to build, a bunch of people can offer 1/2 price? I clicked this link just because I got a virgin 109 N/A engine a...
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    no fan club

    I got $36 for mine on eBay about 19 years ago. The bottom of the lake is where I store my fan delay relay.
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    Wastegate Stalk off Manifold or eBay
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    Brake stuck, but not stuck

    I'm still amazed at all the cars that still have the original faulty PM system.'s only been over 1/3 of a century.
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    Power master cycle time

    Nope. What you noticed was a warning shot. ....and by 'warning shot', I mean it's time to convert to vacuum yesterday.
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    exhaust header bolts have six different styles why??

    That one oddball looks like it might be the unnecessary bolt/stud that goes on the water pump. (if so, be careful. That one is metric). Basically the headers have spacers across the top row. Those get long bolts. GM used those studded fasteners on all of them even though only the front two on...
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    no fan club

    How can the fan help at idle? The intercooler isn't subjected to heat from boost when you're at vacuum. Not to mention it's unshouded, and the blades are puny. Stick it on eBay, they pull good money there.
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    Wiring gurus help needed

    They're filthy and I can't tell the colors but I'm guessing one is the fuel pump test lead with the connector ripped off and the other is the diagnostic tach lead with the connector ripped off.
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    Sleeving the 109 Block

    But put that block in your attic if you don't sleeve it (which really isn't that big of a deal) Years ago I tossed a 4.1 in the scrap pile because it needed a sleeve. Wish I had the damn thing back now.