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    DIY Intake Porting

    When you get the intake assy apart, pull off the plenum and draw around the ports when a Sharpie. Then put the intake back in place, start all 10 bolts and push it back as far as you can. Once that's done straighten out a paper clip but leave a 180 hook on the end. Reach through all the...
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    Rock Auto radiator

    If you have a clogged up original radiator, pretty much any new unclogged radiator will fix that.
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    Project storage shed

    You bought it as a basket case a year ago, and it has sentimental value? Did you buy it from a family member or something?
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    code 34

    I read this title and saw ''Rule 34'' in my mind.....
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    Fuel pressure regulator

    .....unless you start logging fuel pressure, then you might find yourself throwing that Accufab POS into the garbage. If you're going to spend money, get the Kirbins unit and be down with it.
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    A teachable motor moment!

    It might have gotten rebuild back when stock cams were available. What pistons are in it and what's the actual bore size? (stock is 3.800")
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    A teachable motor moment!

    That thing is spotless inside. Even the rocker buttons aren't fully ornage-d over.
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    The girl that told me that (right after she got done with me) wasn't my GF. We just rod the bus together in middle school. :) I did think it was pretty funny when she said that, but I was little light headed at the time.
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    exhaust crossover fastener information

    They're defiantly metric. I can't recall the exact sizes off the top of my head. I have to individually bag the X-over bolts on my SS ex bolt kits so they don't get mixed up with the SAE header fasteners.
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    I'll never figure out what the world thinks the only thing that can replace a clogged up 30+ year old radiator is a $1M unit with fans that will suck start a Mac truck (and pull 10,000 amps doing it). It's kinda like buying a car with 200,000 miles and original spark plugs... Nobody...
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    T-bolt clamps

    T-bolt clamps have overlap as they go up in size. When I started making MAF pipe and up-pipe kits, it became a NIGHTMARE trying to find the ''perfect sizes'' that would work in all cases. (and making them the same style, color, and brand) What you're running into most likely has to do with...
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    Question on radiators

    It's defiantly a waste if it's running while the car is going fast enough to supply the raditator with the airflow it needs. Much like it's a net negative to draw 10,000 watts of energy from the crank pulley running the alternator so you can have fans from a wind tunnel to cool an idling...
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    Question on radiators

    That would be with the stock chip on low speed. No idea if Eric or Bob leaves it alone on their chips.
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    TA SE heads with bigger 2.020” intake valves

    Don't forget the back cut too.
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    Built 3.8 vs 4.1 vs stage2

    You have all those parts and have already specifically allocated all the parts for each block and build.... ....and you want peanut gallery advice?
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