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    Selling some of my guns

    All 3 Sigs have sold.
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    Selling some of my guns

    Jacksonville Florida
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    Selling some of my guns

    Shoot me an email at and I will send you pics when I get from work.
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    Stock Tranny!!

    Where are you in Florida? I'm in Jacksonville. Does it come with the converter also?
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    TA Performance Stainless Headers

    Still available? price including shipping to Jacksonville Florida 32210?
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    I am selling out! Probobly moving to East Coast. ALL MUST GO!

    Pictures and price for your WE4? Also price on the crate engine.
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    Fresh SG1 ShortBlock

    Did it sale?
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    1989 Trans Am TTA Pace Car $16995

    Hi Tim, beautiful car. Sorry you have to sell it under these conditions. I have been battling leukemia(CLL) myself for 6 years and 8 months. So far so good. I can't buy the car but I will be happy to help you with your condition if I can. I have done Alternative treatments since day 1. I know...
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    Do you have a complete stage II engine?
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    1987 Limted Leather 2 tone astro roof

    is this car still for sale?
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    Selling some of my guns

    Hey guys, I am selling part of my collection. Sig p220 .45 acp, 2- Sig 229's .40/.357sig, Ruger lc9, Ruger GP 100, Ruger SBHH .41 mag, Ruger SBHH .44 mag and EAA 38 Super match. If anyone is interested in anything, shoot me a PM.
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    .357 Mag opinions wanted

    Excellent choice, the Ruger GP 100 is the strongest most reliable double action .357 magnum you can buy.
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    want a 1911.. help needed

    You will not get a better gun for the money than a Dan Wesson. They are built with Ed Brown parts. It is a very fine handgun. Many others are excellent choices also, but the Wesson is the most gun for the money. IMHO.
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    what turbo for me

    What are your goals for the car? 10-11 second street car? A TE60 with a Garrett .63 exhaust housing and good 2800 rpm converter will spool fine on a street car. My old combo spooled very quick.