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    alky kit

    yup.. Call Julio.. Also may look at the date on the pump. They don't go forever.
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    DeQuick V4 Stretch Intercooler Turbo Trans Am

    Not many of these were made !!! They def work :cool:
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    t top and parts needed for tta

    Found it... Little dusty.
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    87 Grand National for sale by original owner

    price or am I missing something ??
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    t top and parts needed for tta

    I may have the lexan t roof... lemme check
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    Monte Carlo Comments!

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    Stolen!!! Keep an eye out please

    That sucks !!! Good luck.. Hopefully it will show up.
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    What is the best aftermarket trans yoke?

    X2 on Denny's !
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    anyway to tell if a used 200r4 is good before installing?

    Ummmm is this a joke ???? Burnt fluid ya might try blessing it before installing it.
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    Bottom end for sale

    X2 !!!!! sad to say but times are a changing !!!. I have tons of stuff I have to sell. Really not looking forward to it. Wish our old "trader ratings" were still here.
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    Transmission Shield

    Stays on the car. We put at least 5000 miles a year. Trans didn't miss a beat .. :cool:
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    Transmission Shield

    I have 2 alum ones here.. After wasting a lot of time we threw a blanket on it.. Cheap and easy . Good Luck.
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    My turbo flange is different? What is this?

    Really ?? R u shure /??
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    Which way the TORNADO should be facing

    Well lots of variables to consider. Where is the op from ? Is the air west to east or north to south? Northern air is a lot cooler so the engine gets colder air that = more power !!
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