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    TTA Stash of parts

    TTT I can deliver to BG if anyone is interested. 9 mile motor is not available.
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    Took a while but figured out who is a little B*tch and who actually supports the pros.

    Had time to be entertained so I clicked on this thread. Times are a changing and people wonder how I got my name :eek: :cool:. Mid 11s... stock motor with tweeks. Cheap and reliable. Of course your results may differ. ;) Reliable high 9's ... old set up from 2007...
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    A new car to TAI @ BG.

    Ok have a hybrid I wanted to run in TAI in BG. It runs in the 12s with the 84 Buick GN hot air motor. Have a Turbo 400 trans with a brake. Putting the new 9" Ford rear in this week. I made my own alky system . Has twiw 5 nozzles. Car really scoots along. Is the class still pusseyfootin on 1/8th...
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    Body shop for Paint Recommendation?

    Ahhh the old body shop jail. Went threw that twice for my 427 Cobra. I know a few shops up here in northern mass/NH that do awesome work. I did restorations for a while back in the 70s/80s. NO $$$ in it.. Ins work is where ya make the $$$ and a lot less aggravation.
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    2019 TAI racing @ GS Nats

    Where is everyone ? I wasn't there last year but was there all the other years. It was a fun class that got over $6k in payouts? Now a few weeks away an not a peep out of anyone ?
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    Turbo Regal Reign comming to an end?

    My old 109 only lasted to about 40K miles. Finally one day it made a funny noise :eek:;)
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    Turbo Regal Reign comming to an end?

    X2... Drivers and good tuners ! Not just for the engine. The whole car. You can have the 1000hp cars that can't get outta their own way. Good for smoke shows at the car shows. :cool:
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    Turbo Regal Reign comming to an end?

    Lots of guys have the cool guy parts that "should run nines" in their sigs. I call em the "woulda, shoulda coulda's". :p
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    Bought my son a 2016 GT

    My kid got a 70 Shelby Mustang GT350 as his first car. GN as his second car. Daughter the use of a station wagon and varouios GNs, Ts. First car that was her own was a 87 Limited T. The beginning of her car sickness.
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    Biggest tire on a 15 x 10 4 inch backspacing

    Not that big. you have air bags ?? 10" rims really make a 275/60/15 huge. Had a friend that ran radial T/As on them . They did stick out some. I am sure others will chime in as far as tire sizes. Good Luck
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    GS Nationals!

    I dont know about 275s. For a stock car I'd go with the 255s. We ran them for years with no problems. Ohhh get AAA+. Cheaper and easier towing a blown up car.
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    Well-wishes for Lou

    watta looker !!!
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    AES Engines In Elgin, Anyone Build A Block There, Feedback?

    I wouldn't pull a pig otta a poke with a BIG $$$$$$ build. But thats just me. I guess it's only money.
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    Stock downpipe and cat

    Ill be back home next week. let me look more. I can get it down to Carver an you could pick it up if ya don't get another one here.
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    Stock downpipe and cat

    I I can only find ones that are still together. Good luck