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    Revolution X 9.5 NLU Converter

    Is the PTC converter sprag our spragless ? Could this be the difference?
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    Fuel needed for 2 liter turbo

    On my wife Subaru XT it’s $2.00 on a 10 gallon fill up spend the money or trade it for a Toyota
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    TR6 ignition impressions?

    How did you fix smelly exhaust with the tr6 ?
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    What does tell about the health of my cam?

    I’m no fortuneteller but I see a roller cam in you future
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    It’s hard to explain the difference of the two bolt pattern and where the top bolt goes on the 200 transmission.
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    Look at your 200 on the floor It has BOP bolt pattern and Chevy
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    200-4R rebuild around Kansas City

    Lonnie at extreme in Ohio shipping is easy I think he is so good I ship from Hawaii
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    400s are not unibell Top bolt goes in Chevy hole of the unibell
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    Axle Grease

    No stock G80 you should use good old dinosaur oil
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    Knock system

    KR will not be subtracted from Spark Advance graph that is your chip feedback
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    Percision turbo 70 tb 42lbs injectors

    60-? BB or JB ?
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    RJC "rear engine brace."

    What headers do you have? I guess I need to go out and look under my car. A picture is worth a thousand words. My RJC worked with no modification. I got it because I was running stock mounts and racing the car. Band for false KR.
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    Engine Failure

    That was not the RPM curve I was expecting to see. But I don’t know what I was expecting. Nice job! All in the 60. 5-10 more horses in the 1/8 you add some timing?
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    Car sat and now it clanks

    I see way less oil. With valve up or closed can you depress that lifter by hand by pushing on the pushrod side of the rocker with the palm of your hand? Should not move ,but if it dose it will only move less than a 1/8 of a in.
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    Car sat and now it clanks

    You should not be able to depress the lifter, if the piston in your lifter is stuck it will depress very easily. Unplug the orange wire by the battery and pull fuse on your Hotwire so not to wash cylinders down and roll it over and check them again and repeat a few times. You have good oil...