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    A/C Question, R134a Conversion

    My 91 GT blows 38 degrees. Didn’t even vacuum it down. Added the right oil and 134 and adjusted low switch I have to add a little ever summer. 218,000 miles on all factory components
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    Scammed By Castle Performance

    I actually had good dealings but I did cod lol
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    Red Armstrong XP fuel pump

    It was a Walbro pump. Shimmed high pass pressure bypass. Needed before the high psi Walbro came out
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    Scammed By Castle Performance

    Like Bowling Green Customs all over again…..
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    Red Armstrong XP fuel pump

    Shimmed high pressure relief I believe. Better options now
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    Holly EFI installed

    Isn’t there a Holley Terminator that has trans control? Megasquirt has a trans controller that has can bud connection to Megasquirt ecm. Since Ecugn is MS based…???
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    Local ECN-GN tuners in the Detroit Michigan area

    Use a Buick guy to check/or tune. Any ass hat can tune an LS. 😁. Someone not familiar with our old outdated stuff can do serious damage
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    New engine almost completed

    Check the bearings while it’s out. If you do caps you will be rebuilding it since it’s gonna have to be disassembled completely. The TRW piston is fine, you can swap wrist pins J&E(I think)and be close to weight of the higher end pistons. Of course this is my opinion of course. I have stock...
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    1987 Grey Turbo T

    Boost on the track pass?
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    Seeking advice on new SUV

    Just got my wife a new 4Runner. No fwd or cvt transmission. The newest one I own is a 91 mustang
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    Exhaust cutout proof

    Me too Makes all the diesel trucks jealous lol
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    Big performance upgrades advice

    Launch off a bridge 😉
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    My Son's New Car

    Vid won’t play…
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    My Son's New Car

    Demonstrating the driver mod for my son😂