DRAG RACER,CAR GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

playing with my family, racing my buick,football fan,
Dec 17, 1964 (Age: 59)
Englewood Fla.
My car(s)
86 Gnx Clone
03 Dodge 3500 CUMMINS
pepsi salesman/merchandiser


GS National's TAI Winner 06, Runner up 07, Winner 08, Runner up 09/10, Winner 2011, Runner up 2015!!!!!!!

Reynolds 2011 TSR Winner, 2012 TAI Winner!!!

Turbobuick.com Nat's 2011 TSR Runner up, 2013 TAI Winner/TSM Runner up!!!!!

NEW!! 87 GN (the new GNX)NEW Champion Aluminum Heads fully P/P , Short block by Don Cruz, Don Cruz roller cam, Precision 68/70 DBB turbo, Precision F/M intercooler, Precision 70mm Throttle Body,, Holley120lb injector's, NEW!!! Mike DeMarco's Turbo 400 w/TCI transbrake, Dusty PTC 3200 con, NEW>>>>Holley HP from Cruz Perf. Paul Ferry H and R partsnstuff Control arms, Qa1 adjustable shocks Holley HIGH BOOST wires!!! , New Best 6.07@114.05 1/8 /new 9.78@135.99 1/4!!!!!!best............IN PUMP GAS WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best mph 138.78

I AM JD!!!!!



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