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    1986 T Type. 18k Original miles - $16,000

    Wow!! Nice car! I love that color combo. I had an '84 Hurst Olds with that same burgundy interior back in the late 80's. Great photos-some of the last ones with the dramatic cloud formations look incredible, really. "suitable for framing"!! Good luck with sale, I'd love to pick this up to...
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    '84 61,000 mile GN? What's it WORTH?

    $3,500 tops! Non-intercooled = LOAF:biggrin:
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    87 white limited, 73k, lots of upgrades

    Great car for the money!! I love the color combo and that bench/column shift set-up. Nice job on the firewall and good luck with the sale! :cool: Jerry
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    8 sec gn for sale

    Pics Please! I'd love to see some pics. With the trailor included, it makes it easy to get home here to California. Except for the GAS costs!! send to: thanks!! I have an investment property in escrow on Maui and if that deal holds together, I'm going to treat...
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    1987 Grand National 28k Original miles MINT!!!

    What a car!!!! Jason, WOW-Beautiful GN!!! Where is the car located-looks like FL?? What a bargain compared the way overpriced 60's-70's muscle that would barely run 14's in the 1/4. I would love to see underhood picture. As soon as my investment property in Hawaii sells, I'm taking 20k and...
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    nice original buick gn for sale in so cal area

    nice car, but priced about 10k too high!!:eek:
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    1986 Buick T-Type

    please send pics to I live in San Jose.
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    need a carfax please!!

    Thanks!!!! This community is awesome. I hope to return favor sometime. :D
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    need a carfax please!!

    Thanks in advance to the Buick Brotherhood! VIN: 1G4GK4773GP446613 Possible ebay purchase. Thanks Jerry
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    EBAY '86 Regal T-Type/good deal??

    Hello all, I'm looking for some input on a clean '86 on Ebay-item# 180077238258?? Seems cheap with no reserve. I like the column shift/manual window set-up. What do you guys think??? Thanks Jerry:confused:
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    Need housing code this legal?

    Don't do a thing! Man, this thread really pissed me off! I can't believe this BS-a cowardly neighbor sees you trim the bushes and he figures he can get things fixed how he wants-BUT doesn't have the balls to even talk to you? Instead he sends over some mystery "code guy" WTF? Did he have a...
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    87 T-type Just Over 100k Miles 99% Original

    color? Hello, What color is the car? I would love to see pic of trunk sticker, is car reliable to drive to Norcal? I love the tan interior-haven't seen many, what about dash would trim? aftermarket? Thanks Jerry