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    acura goes down

    like kicking puppies.. tisk tisk.... wait... F*** those stupid ricer! They need to be put in their place!!
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    A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 16

    AAHH!!! i can't take the suspense!!!!
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    13 sec. volvo on the freeway

    i think its kinda neat to see volvos being sooped up. It fun to swap a stage 2 motor in there, or are they fwd? either way, it be fun to see a stock looking 10 sec volvo.
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    beat by a neon

    i remeber car craft got mid 80's TA and put n20 on it. stock it went low 16's, and with a 125 shot, low 14's. It was funny....:D
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    Twin Turbo

    whats all this talk of 12's? i've i remember reading an article a few years back with like a 01 Tt awd porche, a z06, viper gts, and a fwe other i can't remeber, but the porche went 11.35, the viper 11.55, and i think the z06 went low 12's. I guess some ppl just know how to drive, and and some dont.
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    The Awakening - New story

    ...... :( ...... always a fear of mine when with the girl .... thats why i rarely do stupid things with her.... and i dont go over 100mph PERIOD.
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    G-TECH Pro's CHEAP!!! $36 ON EBAY!!! the guys hads LOTS of feedback and is selling like 10-20 /day with good feed back to back it up.
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    Ford Truck Killed.

    the new hd;s dont have a blower. 04's get 5.4 triton, 6.8 3 valve triton, or 6.0 diesel.
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    v6 camaraslow

    dude... thats just wrong. you barassed a ,sounds like, good guy. but i understand liking the feeling when you beat someone and they're like :eek: .
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    Mustang W/Procharger Goes Down

    That kinda reminds me of myself. -the blower. I built my motor and ported the crap outta the heads and blah blah... and all i could get was a best of 10.2 in 1/8. 4300lb truck, 355, comp nx274 cam, 284/237cfm @ .600 heads, 10.3:1, 700r,BUT.... 3.08 open rear, out of tune carb, 2* too much...
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    Ford Truck Killed.

    WHA WHAT?!?!? They putting blowers on more trucks?? me did not know..
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    A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 11

    yes ,i see the lesbo action as gone more in depth this time.:D WHO'S GONNA WIN!!!!
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    A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 10

    Dude, i just read Sweet Dreams...... Yes. Dude, Raven is so badass.
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    Very tough ethical question

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    Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 9

    YES!! Man, i have been anticipating this for almost a month now! Sweet Raven, sweet.