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    Hello. Is that 60 shipped on the head gaskets? I’ll take them if it is. Thanks. Vinny
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    NOS cam sensor and NOS belt , pcv valve and used OEM FP regulator

    I’m in for the belt. Pm sent. Vinny
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    Any Interest ?? Parting 87 - GN Show Car

    Sorry to hear Mike. Hope your ok buddy. Vinny.
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    Help find a thread. Restoring inner fender well

    No. I believe it was dated recently. But thank you. Vinny
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    Help find a thread. Restoring inner fender well

    Hey guys. Recently I saw a thread with pics on repairing inner fender wells. Of course I can’t seem to find it now. Can you post the link for me. Thanks. Vinny
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    POWERMASTER Pump core.

    Eddie your killing me. Lol
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    POWERMASTER Pump core.

    Hey guys. Looking for a pump to complete a core. LMK what’s out there. Reasonable price please. Thanks. Vinny.
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    6152E. Turbo Old school

    6152E. Has about 5k miles on it, a few years now I have it. Has no in and out play and has very little side to side movement. Having trouble attaching video. I’ll text it to you to See video so you can judge for yourself. Will be removing soon. Thinking $400 shipping and paypal all...
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    Motor oil. Why so darn difficult

    I understand guys. Just making a statement that one can read and the info thats out there can just make one nuts . That's all. Vinny
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    Motor oil. Why so darn difficult

    Hey guys. It's funny. After all the reading and searching I still am perplexed on what oil and weight/ additive or not, that I am going to use in my recently purchased. 12k mile GN. The net makes your head spin. Vinny
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    ARP HEAD BOLTS/KN FILTER/Oil pre luber/more!!

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    Royal Purple/comp cams oil with zddp/Lucas oil

    Bump... Must sell
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    Email sent. For 10g. Vinny
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    Thnx. Man love this car. It's real clean. Vinny
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    tr custom parts seat back brackets

    hey guys..anyone have a set of the brackets to move your bucket seat back two inches from tr custom parts..checking before I order a new set ...thanks vinny