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    1980 Malibu Wagon, GN chassis, GN drive train

    Really. Bet it came out nice. Thank Paul. Vinny
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    1980 Malibu Wagon, GN chassis, GN drive train

    Passed through this add again during a search. What ever happened with this car.?
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    Guys I will have to go through and update accordingly. This add is old. When I do. I will make a new one. Thanks. Vinny
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    Guys. Add is from a few years ago. I would have to go through storage and update all over again and update accordingly. Thanks. Until I do so. Vinny.
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    Hello. Yes it is. Lmk if you want it I’ll get it out Monday. PayPal is NOKA72@AOL.COM Thanks. Vinny
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    Looking to buy a GNX

    Thank you
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    Looking to buy a GNX

    Guys. I’m hoping someone might want to share a code with me. Making a fairly large order and it would help. Thanks. Vinny
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    Where to buy Headlight chime module for 87 GN

    Call your local dealer and ask them to do a search. That’s what I did. had it shipped to me. There might be some still on the shelf. HTH. Vinny.
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    Replacing the timing belt ?

    Keith. Cam sensor can do that too. Vinny.
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    Horn button help

    Guys I’m missing a plate here correct? The one that has the wire on it? Anything else? Thanks. Vinny.
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    Dash repair help needed

    Thanks guys. I’ll check out Home Depot this week. Vinny
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    Dash repair help needed

    Guys any thoughts on repairing and keeping the emergency brake pull lever from coming back out. Thanks. Pics of you have too. Thanks again. Vinny
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    Hi Lo fan switch/pcv check valve/nos belt/front cross brace

    Hello guys. Few more parts here. Prices are shipped and fees. Vinny. Old school PCV in-line check valve. Great shape $45 Nos belt. Been on the shelf awhile $65 Hi low fan switch. Works fine. Has a lil overspray on when I touched up eng compt. Should come right off. $40 Kirban cross...