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    Stock stretched intercooler? Whatever it is, it's for sale - Houston

    Cleaning the garage out and found this. You can cut the old ice box off and it would be a perfectly good IC. Make offer....I'm near Memorial Park in Houston. Not shipping this thing.
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    Bought a new GN

    Has it broke down yet?
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    1986 Buick T-type (rusty)

    price and location?
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    re installing complete ac system into 87t---question on one plug

    I just looked at the one I took apart and the 1:1 scale model right next to it, and I don't see that connector. It might be different on for the El Camino. I bet it is since the compressor is on passenger side in the NA G-bodies.
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    re installing complete ac system into 87t---question on one plug

    Need a larger pic of the diagram. I just took one out to restore yesterday and have all the wires/vacuum hoses in front of me.
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    3.5" MAF pipe

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    GNX #234 @ Harrisburg, Pa Mecum

    It's a GNX, not a Bugatti.
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    My Turbo 6.0 LY6 4l80e build

    I've looked at this thread about 20 a row!
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    Engine build

    I believe TRW only makes a standard and .030 over forged piston. Bore size is not going to make a practical difference in power output with the 109. How many miles are on the engine you are rebuilding?
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    G7 Hanger Assembly issue

    The ball looks like ceramic polishing media. Probably what is used to knock the sharp edges off the rough stampings.
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    How rare is this option package

    Probably the FBI.
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    is my engine gone? video

    How many miles did you get out of the engine? 4300?
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    Spun a rod bearing

    Westside and talk to Cleat if he still works there.