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    Holley Pro Dash

    Post of work and progress
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    Smoke out the breathers

    I pulled the motor had like 50% blowby in cylinder #5 havent done ahit since lol
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    Questions on selling car to someone in Illinois

    See in ny cara before 73 or 74 didnt have totles but transferable registrations. It acts like a title. That maybe case w ct as well. Also could always hire a title search company and theyll get one.
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    Hypothetical Questions........

    o) give that mfer some sweet chin music bc no one disturbs me while I'm buying GN hot wheels :D
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    selling my GN

    Yes we as tr guys knows its worth more nut lets be honest. Few outside of the tr crowd that for a modded one. And the gn guys are cheap so u wont get it from them lol. Its on the low side but cash is king. Whqt its worth and what u can get are usually very different things..
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    Where to tap for signal to amp

    Could also tap into ign spot on fuse panel.
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    Who wants to buy a 2019 COPO Camaro?

    Buy it then hit barrett jackson in summer.. ill take 3% for info lol
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    Engine knocking after burn out

    And shes building a stairway to poverty...... lmao
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    roof skin difference between regal and monte carlo

    Wonder if u put monte roof and glass would anyone pick it up
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    SEMA - Any Way In?

    Dont waste your time starting a fake company w fake id badges emails etc bc they actually do check. Ask me how i know lmao
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    Grand National in front of barn twins

    So that means yours is probaly worth 75k at minimum lol
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    2019 Snap-on Tools wall calendar

    Please post a pic bc no one wants to drop 150 for a
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    Fastest Turbobuick?

    I know the guy from northwest gn was going for record idk if he hit it..