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    Trigger wheel sensor bracket

    Where did you get that sensor and wheel?
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    I'm putting it out here for everyone to see.

    But did you have fun doing it?
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    I'm putting it out here for everyone to see.

    Updates please!!
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    Turbo wanted

    Hit up Bison on here. He can hook you up.
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    86 GN Header Panel

    Still for sale?
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    TA Aluminum short Block & TA Si intimidator heads

    I can understand the logic because I have thought the same. If you start with a stout block you can always upgrade parts to hit your HP target. Anyone that buys this will be able to run a forged rotating assembly and put a full port and polish on the heads, if it doesn't have it already...
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    Looking for Wheel and Tire Ideas (Yes been threw the rim post like 9 times lol More questions

    There are a couple of routes to go for your car. The Weld S71 can be had in 18 or 19 inch wheels. The 18s work better in terms of fit. 18x8s in front, 18x9s in the rear. You won’t need to change gears in the trans because the overall height of the wheels does not change very much at all...
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    New pb with my slow hot air

    Nice times. That Work turbo seems to be doing well for you.
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    Burned up TTA coming up for auction, New Oleans

    That thing is burnt to hell!!
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    Exhaust System Advice

    Pypes 3 inch dual system.
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    Fuel Pumps

    What kind of gas?
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    Chuck Leeper Injector clean/flow

    Agreed he is both.
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    Well Kids, I'm pretty excited!!

    Yeah that last picture is life goals for a garage. I would never go in the house.