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    E85 swap

    There’s a few places I know of. Valero in oak cliff, ft worth Ave and Davis sells it. Lewisville the racetrack off 544 and sam Rayburn sells it
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    Stock downpipe exhaust elbow question...

    I’m trying to remove the elbow and it’s a pita... I got the top 3 out, one broke so I have to deal with that, but the bottom one I cannot get to, any trick to reaching that bottom bolt?
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    All Buick/Buick powered event May 11th 2019 Xtreme Raceway

    I’m in, car isn’t track ready but I will def bring it out. Met you guys at Ennis a few weeks back.
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    Starting A DFW GN Group

    Nice meeting everyone! Was fun, they had it down to just the right lane the rest of the night. But what can we do. But I’m def down for extreme TNT.
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    Starting A DFW GN Group

    On the way out there with my brother. Towing his mustang with a flatbed tow truck. If you see us, holler at us
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    Scanmaster G update

    Problem solved. Just a basic connection issue. Bob helped me figure it out. Thanks for the help!
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    All chrome GNX style wheels

    Sweet, polished would work for me. I just want to change it up and go a bit different route than black and chrome.
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    All chrome GNX style wheels

    Been searching google etc. anyone have any pics off all chrome Gnx style mesh wheels? And any vendors that sell that style. Can’t seem to find anything.
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    Starting A DFW GN Group

    Ok, cool my brother is bringing out his 89 mustang, I’ll try to get my buick out if I figure out what’s wrong. But if not I’ll go with him
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    Starting A DFW GN Group

    It is Test and Tune at Ennis dragstrip this Saturday. FYI
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    Scanmaster G update

    Ok just installed my SMG in the car. Says no data when I turn it on. Needs to be updated. That’s where I’m stuck. I got a droid device I downloaded ALDLDroid on it. Actually got it to connect to the smg, I just don’t know how to update the smg. Am I able to do it all with the droid device? I’ve...
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    Starting A DFW GN Group

    Id be in
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    Rip off seller

    This post went to hell..
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    Scan master G

    Looking to buy a scanmaster G. Seeing if anyone has one lying around b4 I pull the trigger on a new one. Thanks
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