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    Buyer beware. Scammed. Kevin reeves aka turboguy122098

    What a turd. Any updates
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    SOLD Grey dash Pad Cover

    I'm interested. Send pictures
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    87 turbo 5.3/t56 swap GN

    Did the 5.3 fail?
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    3D Printing and my Grand National

    Any updates bud?
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    My Turbo 6.0 LY6 4l80e build

    Looks great. What wheels, sizes are those?
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    Parting 87 GN, Local pickup for now Lancaster PA

    Power steering reservoir
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    Parting 1986 50,000 mile Grand National

    Pull strap screw covers, t top trim, power steering reservoir, sun visors if t top car. PayPal ready pending pics.
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    Weber built stroker motor complete throttle body to oil pan

    Is this the motor from that retard on facebook?
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    3D Printing and my Grand National

    Interior t top trim. Always break around screw holes especially the trim on the T tops themselves. Triple guage pod would be sweet too.
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    Go fast Parts for sale!!!

    Received the valve covers today. Great job packing, cleaning and getting them out the door. I'd definitely buy from you again