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    Bumper Fillers ?

    I just replaced my fillers for the 2nd time in 15 years with Spoolfool in March 2019. What an amazing product! My body guy could not believe how perfect they fit. He had to enlarge 2-3 holes for the hardware and that's it. The fit was 100% spot on and required ZERO body work prior to paint...
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    Track Whores Sunday rental 11/08/15

    Sunday 11/8 is a track rental put on by the Track Whores. Myself plus JD and at least one other GN will be racing, To watch and cheer on the Black Bricks is $14 at the gate. Gates open at 11 track hot 12-5. This event typically has some really fast street cars. Hope to see you there!
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    NMCA Bradenton True Street. TampaTurbo wins the 12.0 class

    The NMCA Spring race was 3/22-23. I was able to pull a win out of the True Street class running an average of 12.03 winning the 12.00 class! Runs were 12.09, 12.04 and 11.96. This was the largest index with at least 15 cars. Look for the G.N. in the July issue of Fastest Street Car magazine...
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    Need 2 Speed track RENTAL!!!!!!!!!! 12/21

    This event still has a ton of open spots. If you come down, there will be tons of technical support for GN's and several of us running. There will be time for all the runs you and your car can handle too. I have been to 5-6 of these rentals and had a great time with lots of real street cars racing.
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    NMCA True street this weekend 3/23

    This weekend is the NMCA race in Bradenton. Come out and test your skills at heads up streeat car style racing, I plan to race True street looking for 12.00's. I believe Razor will also be racing his sick Turbo Mustang looking to be KING of the street. True street is an easy class for any...
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    Dead Hookers track rental B-ton Sat 1/5

    Providing the weather clears up there will be a private track rental at Bradenton motorsports park this saturday. Racing at 1. Lots of super fast street cars and my slow 11 sec buick. This is a Need2Speed event. Come out and support your brother in Buicks!
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    Turbo Buicks at Old Town, Feb. 12th, 2012

    Bringin' the kids and a cool frosty one. If I wash the car it will rain according to my son. Cross your fingers.
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    Greasing speedometer cable

    I very carfully used the white lithium grease years ago and it worked. Be sure to keep the spray down the throat of the cable housing. If it gets too close to the speedo I heard it could spit the grease back into the dash/ speedo lense. good luck.
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    Mease DP

    I have run one for years now. Good piece imo. I also paid much more thant $300 for mine new,
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    chip choice?

    I have one of Eric Marshall's chips and it works great. 50# inj TE44 turbo. etc
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    What is the difference in tensioners

    The tension seems strong still. I like the bearing route. Thanks for all the help guys. Grant
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    What is the difference in tensioners

    They both appear to have rasied edges on the pulley just like the one on my car.
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    What is the difference in tensioners

    My serp. belt tensioner is really screaming so it needs to be repalced. I would like to know what the difference is in the two I have found on the board. Hyway star is $179. Rock Auto is $77. $100 is a huge price difference. Can the quality be that far apart? Thanks Grant
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    Coil pack mystery solved!

    I would assume it is a logical conclusion to say the coil pack and module is bad when the tan epoxy is leaking out of the module? That stuff is sticky too! Swapped in the one I had on the shelf and now we can let the smoke out of the tires again.
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    Delco ignition module and coil pack needed.

    I need a new Delco ignition module and coil pack. Where can I find these? Thanks Grant
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