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    Bent the GN and needs some parts!

    Just about idle. I was backing up and found a pole.
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    Bent the GN and needs some parts!

    What a crappy way to start the day! Hammered the front of my 1986 GN and need some parts and or sources to get back in shape quickly. This is a very clean original 65K car so I am looking for very good parts, new parts or NOS. Below is what I an looking for. I am in The Tampa bay area...
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    Methanol Sources

    McMullen oil Co. 11965 49th st n. Clearwater Fl, 33762 (727) 573-0016 VP racing fuels distributor. Sells 5gal can M-1 Methanol and as of this writing it costs $35.75 for 5 gal.
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    Axles - When are they needed?

    Here is another way of looking at it. How much to repair and repaint the rear quarter of the car and that's if you don't tap a wall? Fairly cheap insurance.
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    How many Alky pump failures have you had

    At least 10 year running Julio's system. NEVER a complete failure. The old one started leaking and Julio rebuilt it. I think he recommends a rebuiltd every couple years as Methanol is pretty rough on the seals.
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    New Pypes Exhaust Cutout. Lowered Price $125

    How is the fitment? Any modifications to the car at all? I have tried one from a different vendor and had to send it back due to lack of clearance on the frame.
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    Anna Maria

    Welcome to Florida. Anna Maria is a very nice place for vacations. There is a nice small car museum close by in Sarasota on us 41 near the airport. Also a really huge car museum not far south in the Punta Gorda Pt Charllote area, also on us 41 but south of the Anna Maria. May in Florida is HOT...
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    Removing Rubber from Burn-outs ???

    Mother Race Rubber Remover works very well!
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    Track Whores private track rental 4/17/16 B-ton

    I am not sure. There should be a paid list on the Track Whore's facebook page.
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    Track Whores private track rental 4/17/16 B-ton

    Fellow Black Brick racers and supporters, Tony Trabon is putting together a track rental for slicks and DR only on 4/17/16 at Bradenton Motorsports Park. The total limit of cars is 75 so there will be plenty of runs! $55 gets the car and driver in to race or $15 to watch. You can find the...
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    Run day Sunday Bradenton 2/21/16

    Tough day for the Buick. After 5-6 years of 25# passes on the stock original block, we have bad noises! I guess it's time for more power! I am looking for parts now such as heads, cam, roller rockers, short block etc. I there are any good used parts out there in central to SW Fl, for sale...
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    Run day Sunday Bradenton 2/21/16

    All right guys. The weather will be great and the racing fast this coming Sunday. At last count we will have 5-7 Buicks planning to be at Bradenton, many will be making passes! Gates open at 10 and the track is hot from 11-5.
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    CRUZ Performance TAMPA FL

    Great news Don! For those of you who do not know Don, he has been on the leading edge of Turbo Buick racing for many years. This is great news for the Tampa Bay area as we finally have a local guy who know his stuff! He will be the guy I go to for my next motor build, you can count on that...
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    Track Whores Sunday rental 11/08/15

    Sunday 11/8 is a track rental put on by the Track Whores. Myself plus JD and at least one other GN will be racing, To watch and cheer on the Black Bricks is $14 at the gate. Gates open at 11 track hot 12-5. This event typically has some really fast street cars. Hope to see you there!
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    NMCA Bradenton True Street. TampaTurbo wins the 12.0 class

    The NMCA Spring race was 3/22-23. I was able to pull a win out of the True Street class running an average of 12.03 winning the 12.00 class! Runs were 12.09, 12.04 and 11.96. This was the largest index with at least 15 cars. Look for the G.N. in the July issue of Fastest Street Car magazine...
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