Your standard issue guy
Nov 9, 1964 (Age: 59)
Colorado Springs, CO


Bought 12/14/14: '87 Turbo Regal (WF6 chrome option). Motor built June 2015. E85, 0.030 over, Champion Max Ported Irons, forged crank, forged pistons, 212/212 roller cam, roller rockers, GSX Billet CW Stage3 dual ball bearing turbo w/60-1 wheel, 80# injectors, TT chip, DW300 hot wired FP, RJC FMIC, 3" DP, SS Pypes stainless dual exhaust w/Race Pro muffs, RJC crank pulley, HE radiator, LT1 3" MAF w/GEN II Translator, vacuum brake system. freshly rebuilt 200-4R (installed 10/16/15) w/billet forward drum, Alto Red Eagle wideband 1st gear, Alto Red Eagle direct clutches, hardened forward clutch; dual fed, 10-vane pump, HP 2nd & 3rd gear clutches, super servo & cast aluminum pan, Nitto 275 60R 15 DR's, Bilstein shocks, boxed LCA's.

Formerly owned: '86 GN w/GN-1 heads, roller rockers, ATR 214/208 cam, TE44, THDP, 42.5 lb injectors, CAS V2 IC, LS-1 3.5" MAF & T+, 70mm TB, Hooker Exhaust, Walbro 340, 450 RWHP @ 19 psi). '86 GN with 81K miles, mostly stock (turbo, IC, etc.), Schneider cam, Art Carr 9" TC, Level 10 Tranny, Ultraflow exhaust. Three other TRs. '71 Datsun 510 with SR20DET motor/trans (GT28 turbo, FMIC), 268 RWHP @ 7 psi. '04 WRX STi w/Stage II package (285 AWHP).


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