I really wouldn't want to be llike me.

The GN doesn't allow any other! I sure do enjoy the AMC hobby and my 1975 Gremlin X is really a fun car tho it needs overdrive to be its best.
Dec 17, 1963 (Age: 59)
Biomedical eqipment technician-just means I work o


87 GN coplocater--CP's .dutt.&1/2IC, Wal-340, ATR dp, .Mototrons, T+,Extreme, TE-60, 2.5 duels, 206/206 roller,ported irons,pings, smokes, drinks 93 and stays out all night long.
'71 GTO 467, 6 speed Double O.D.
'75 Gremlin X, 265 I6, 4BBL,Jeep 4.0 H.O. head, Clifford intake/header-always runs & cooowld AC. "Domestic Rice". Dont be haten the AMC!

Pay attention to politics, it is paying attention to you. Sports/Hollywood is the great diversion serving to divert the brains of the "sheeple" so they dont see that their country is slipping into an oligarchy. Instead of reporting and informing, the media is succesfully shaping/nudging the uninformed 90%. Regardless of your political party, America is headed for bankruptcy. Oh wait....15 trillion of debt is beyond bankruptcy!


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