cars,racing, fishing, pool
Sep 18, 1962 (Age: 61)
waterford mi
My car(s)
87 TURBO T LIMITED - had since 88, high optioned sunroof car, black and sexy with a bad habit of chewin up tires.......and disrespectin big blocks...and ricers
bodyman and painter


87 TURBO T LIMITED highly optioned sunroof car. black and sexy. Has a bad habit of chewing up tires and disrespecting big blocks!! + 30/109, ported heads/intake by me, 208/460 cam, 6262dbb, 60s, hemco, 62tb, tt 5.6, tin man, precision slic, thdp, hooker exh, 10/3000 l/u, brian hofer brf 200r4 with t/b, dick miller racing 4 link set up, Qa1s, atr bar, 3.42 8.5 posi rear, full global west negative roll frt suspension, dell-a- lums, b-body spindles and big brakes, slotted rotors, american racing wheels,MTDR 275/60s and thousands of other things i cant believe i bought, and soon, alky, powerlogger, wideband. Girdled motor coming next

These cars are like strippers! gotta throw money at em to go home with a hot one! more to really hook up, hold on, keep it straight and go for a joy ride, and get back out of it.....

More boost + more power equals more money + more headgaskets x more work multiplied by empty pockets + headaches.....see, its just simple math to go fast.......




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