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    Iso t&d or scorpion roller rocker arms

    In need of a set of roller.rocker arms for a 109 with stock heads. T&D or scorpion would be ideal. 1.55 ratio preferred but any other would work too.
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    FS: MSD Plug wires, gaskets and arp rod bolts

    Valve cover gaskets, stock throttle body, stock turbo inlet sold.
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    Honestly, never looked back into it since the mandates are being lifted throughout the country/world. I was more focused about the clause that was snuck in. As much as he says he's against mandating, if the authority given power by the states deems you a health hazard they can force the jab on...
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    Even some of the guys fighting "the good fight" are wolves in sheep's clothing. Florida might not force you to get a COVID vaccine — but it can. Here's why If you're a "public health hazard"..... you'll have no choice.
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    I received my order that i placed with Lethal Performance September of 2022.
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    Digi-Tails LED kit

    When you mean switch side do you mean switch leg? You say you installed them on the rear signal wires to the lights. The signal wires are the switch legs aren't they? Using AC terminology in this case, but i think you get my question.
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    FS: MSD Plug wires, gaskets and arp rod bolts

    Pictures uploaded.
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    FS: MSD Plug wires, gaskets and arp rod bolts

    Location of items 07011..... Have some more items for sale: Factory turbo inlet = Sold 3" maf sensor - Was working when removed $25 Shipped MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor plug wires four our cars = $40 shipped Stock valve cover cork gasket sets VS749 = They have been sitting for a few years. Sold...
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    ISO: New hydraulic roller cam anything bigger than stock for 109

    Thank you very much!!! Anything helps at this point.