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    For sale: chrome battery cover , and chrome turbo head shield

    Is the shield cut for a larger down pipe ?
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    Parts for sale

    Pics of the intercooler
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    Tons of leftover parts, Stock and aftermarket, all of it needs to go!!

    How much for the test pipe ? and what size is it ?
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    Stroker built motor Pan to Plenum

    I am a GREAT GUY , Just ask me :D Now lets get back to the OP and selling his engine .
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    1986 modified monster parts

    What kind of exhaust does it have ? I may be interested
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    Stroker built motor Pan to Plenum

    Chris , If you think this site is so bad then please leave , I'm sorry about your dealing with Nick M , He has never been nothing but good to me . I have read about your dealings with him but for the respect to the OP please leave this post alone . I have nothing against you , At all but this is...
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    Stroker built motor Pan to Plenum

    Damn Guys this is a post of a Gentleman selling an engine , Knock off all the drama BS
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    Rjc Wires

    Bump for some of the BEST wires , Hands down
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    TA Valve covers

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    Rjc Wires

    Are these known as the " Russ Merritt " style wires ?
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    Rock Auto radiator

    I know this is beating a dead horse but who has one to drop in that ever things fits without breaking the bank ?
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    Rock Auto radiator

    Did you just replace the radiator or did you replace the stock fan ?
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    Rock Auto radiator

    I can't remember how I did it but the two bolts that hold the top of the fan to the radiator hold down bracket can be adjusted so you can get your fan closer to the rad , its not much but it being closer does help in the cooling .
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    Stroker built motor Pan to Plenum

    Man Guys , Come on . He posted something for sale that he said he wasn't sure of all the parts but said he has all the info and because he misquoted a few things ya'll are treating like some POS that's trying to fuck somebody . If ya"ll have noticed we are a very small group and before BASHING...
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