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    FAST 2.0

    You have the dash populated with the values of the table? Have to have that
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    TR6 Cam Phasing

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    E85 from Kwik Trip?

    Got E77 from Minnocco last week off of Minnehaha
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    Alky Control Pump

    I figured out the parts from Shurflo years ago and have been rebuilding the pumps myself with zero issues and they put out 150 plus. As mentioned its 20 to 40 bucks in parts and very easy.
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    Trans pan cork gasket; install dry or w/silicone?

    Careful with sealant as there are fluid exhaust holes on the pan rail that too much sealant can ooze out and block the holes
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    Intercooler hose gm 25525232
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    Detonation at WOT

    Disconnect wastegate and go WOT and see if you get KR. That will help pin point a posible machanical false KR like a loose something rattling against frame or block and knock sensor picking that up.
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    Any good hyd roller lifters other than clicky Comps?

    Theres a whole catalog full of lobe profiles for a comp cam. Saying all Comps lobes are aggressive vs. other cams is not accurate.
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    GNS LED issues

    Update... I'm putting spaghetti Engineering rears and fronts on my new GN and ran into issues where with the taillights would not work with the lights on as well as the blinker lights in the dash were on but dim. Tried adding 2 load resistors and the same. Did a quick search and it's been a few...
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    NEW PRODUCT- Cam Sensor Balancer Kit from Richard Clark and Turbo Nasty

    Thanks for the kind words. Glad to help
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    PM Sent

    PM Sent
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    Gear Drive users

    This the red series or gold series timing set?
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    Weldon #14000 Fuel Controller

    Is this on the combo in your signature? Its overkill if so.
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    ' 84 - '85 CCCI Parts availability