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    Here we go again, MARCH GIVE AWAY!

    Count me in! :D
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    What are your plans for the Bel Airs? I'm jealous! Such great lines on those bodies.
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    New Guy's Ride

    Hey man, I don't know if you've noticed, but prices are going up. It's not easy for many 20 year olds to afford the purchase price of our cars, nevermind the up-keep. I'd also bet that most folks on here didn't have enough scratch to pick up their dream car when they were 15. :rolleyes: My first...
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    Ceramic coated stuff on finally

    Very nice! Rusty housings make even the hottest cars look "dirty". Ceramic looks to be the way to go.
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    WTB Analog Gauge Cluster

    You have a PM. :biggrin:
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    WTB Analog Gauge Cluster

    Doesn't have to be pretty, just has to work 100%. Thanks! :D
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    If you still have that analog gauge cluster, and it works 100%, I'll take it. Please PM or e-mail Thanks!! :biggrin:
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    January FREE Give Away! FRONT AIR DAM!!!

    Free stuff rules. I'm in.
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    BIG GIVE AWAY!!! Nov. Contest!

    Don't forget me! :biggrin: