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    CAD Help Please

    Check out FreeCAD. If you were proficient Solidworks, it won't take you long to pick it up.
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    Body to frame alignment

    The diagram comes from a collision repair manual, which is a very different publication than the shop manual, and typically aren't easy to get unless you subscribe to a collision repair information service.
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    Alternator Refuses to Charge. Need Help

    None of the parts stores in my area have the dongles for the tester for our alternators anymore. they can't test them.
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    Alternator Refuses to Charge. Need Help

    This. Our saving grace is it takes five minutes to pull the alternator. Buy the lifetime warranty one and keep taking it back until you get a working one. Make a copy of the receipt and put it in the glovebox for when it dies in five years.
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    Power Steering Pump from Summit Racing

    Yes. Send your core to Turn One and have them rebuild it with the upgrades. There are no other options worth pursuing now that the pump is no longer available at most parts stores.
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    Preparing Gnx for sale

    I don't think so. But it still gets the point across, at least among us old farts.
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    Preparing Gnx for sale

    You have to understand the audience. The people willing to fork out $200K for a GNX want it ORIGINAL. They are buying the legend from the magazines, and people with that kind of money don't have time for nuance. It's either original and genuine, or it's not. If it's not, the price collapses...
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    Suspension for twisties.

    Find a vendor, talk to them, buy their integrated setup. It's cheaper. That said, the reality is our engine makes the rule of thumb most use to build their offerings invalid. Our powerplant subjects the upper control arm bushings to heat that is not normal, so the offerings on the market that...
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    A/C Question, R134a Conversion

    No MSDS on the listing, but they note it's flammable. It's probably propane. No thanks.
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    A/C Question, R134a Conversion

    The mineral oil isn't approved for use with R134a. Ester and PAG are. But mineral oil and PAG don't get along in the system. It creates a nasty goop that clogs up the orifice tube and the condenser. Ester will mix with mineral oil and not react with it.
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    A/C Question, R134a Conversion

    Don't bother with the flush kit. They suck. The flush fluid doesn't evaporate, so when you pull a vacuum, that crap just sits in the system. Use lacquer thinner and compressed air. When you pull vacuum on it, the lacquer thinner will completely evaporate away. You'll never get all the oil out...
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    GNX Torque converter

    Yup. ASC McLaren didn't touch the transmission.
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    coolant spray on drivers side head

    Welding cast iron is possible, but it's difficult. There's a process that has to be followed or you'll crack the whole piece in two. And you may not be able to fix it. If the crack goes deep enough to make it to the water jacket and you can't stress relieve the crack or weld both sides, it's...
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    Front brake calipers vs....

    People on Youtube claim some herb they found in a cave made their dick 10" long or that some politician is a genius. They're all doing it for the views. Engineers don't care about Youtube. They do the math and check the results. Here's a spot with the actual formulas...
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    Front brake calipers vs....

    The blazer swap is NOT substantially better than stock. Period. The math doesn't pan out. It's easier to service, though. Clamp force is a function of the line pressure and the surface area of the pistons. Line pressure is generated by the pedal and the master cylinder. Duel piston calipers...