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    Hard misfire, have spark & fuel

    Damn, you have a nasty little gremlin. If my memory serves me right, there are some modules that will not work in batcfire. My money in on the injectors. If injectors sit for long periods and are allowed to dry out, they can hang up. Been through it a few times.. Remove those 2 injectors...
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    Fuel PSI not increasing with boost after E85 conv

    You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him jump in. Good luck 👍
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    looking for turbo Buick mechanic in Chicago area

    Is this a nice car or a project car? X2 what are you looking to have done?
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    Miss at idle, miss at cruising speed.

    Big time worth checking. I would bet you have the wrong flywheel. Stock rotatating assembly will shake with a 0 balance flywheel. Like a bitch.
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    Miss at idle, miss at cruising speed.

    This sounds more like a balancing issue. Like wrong flywheel or harmonic balancer. Stock rotating assembly is external balance. So when you say stock rebuild, does it have a new rotating assembly? Or was the flywheel or harmonic balancer switched? Something is throwing it off balance.
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    1987 turbo t engine problem

    Check 2 pink and black stripe wires on the module. Key on, both pnk/blk wires should have 12v
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    Exhaust manifold stud kit

    If you have factory headers, your best bet is to use the stock hardware. And do yourself a big favor. Do not use header gaskets. Use high temp rtv
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    NOS cam sensor/parts/caps

    Any caps still available?
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    WTB SD2 Chip

    Pm sent
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    WTB SD2 Chip

    Looking for a used SD 2 chip
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    crankcase vacuum pumps

    That’s a good one!
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    crankcase vacuum pumps

    If enough thought is put into it, the engine itself can be used as a vacuum pump.
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    Cuts out while rolling into boost

    Where is your AFR gauge mounted? Try and focus on it, as long as its not down on the console. You should see go rich lean right before it nose dives. What do you have your alky knob set to? Maybe its ramping up too quick. A lot of great suggestions here.
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    Knock system

    Electrical issues can also mess with the signal and is what I would be looking for in this situation. What spark plugs? Non resistor? It’s obviously not real knock.