Fast Cars and Drag Racing
Boardman, Ohio
Retired Mechanic


87 GN- Astroroof, GNX Style AVC Dash, Mease 24 Row SLIC, 3"THDP, Fast XFI With E-Dash installed and tuned by Lorenz Racing and Cal Hartline, Lorenz Boost Controller, Red's Double Pumper, 83# injectors, Janis Built Stage II 2004R, PTS 9x11 3200 lockup, CPT66 BallBearing turbo, Fresh .30 over forged 109 balanced block assembly prepared and assembled by Russ Rech, Wiseco pistons, Cometics, Eagle Rods and Eagle 4340 Crank, Billet center main caps and studs, ATR 214/210 Billet roller cam, KN PERFORMANCE Ported iron heads and intake. Gbody replacement aluminum gn wheels. Alradco aluminum radiator and Spoolfool front and rear bumper fillers just added by Lorenz Racing! 3750lb sled :eek:


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