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    67/66 bison turbo brand new for sale

    Hi, I have a brand new 67/66 (76 trim) turbo that was done by bison for sale. It has a polished compressor housing . It is 3” inlet . It has a precision.63 exhaust housing.Only reason for sale is I already have the right turbo and I got this in a sale. I’ll take $700 for it...
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    PRECISION 95lb per hr injectors

    Only if the stock ecm Is modified for low impedence injectors.
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    PRECISION 95lb per hr injectors

    I have 6 PRECISION 95lb per hr injectors for sale . They are in excellent condition and have low use. I want $125 for them. Thanks,Nick
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    ISO 8.5 posi unit and 3.42 gears used.

    Hi. I need a used 8.5 posi unit and 3.42 gears for a stock setup. I don’t need anything special since it’s for a stock project. Let me know what you have . Thanks, Nick
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    Hi guys and girls, I need a diagram of the hvac box in the dash. I’ve looked but can’t find one anyone have one that shows the configuration of were and what everything is? Thanks for the help. Thanks, Nick
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    Congrats to Rocket John Plog!!!

    Congratulations! Impressive performance.
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    Bowling Green roll call

    I will be there to run things with Paul Dubois and run in TSM. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
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    Hi, I’m looking for a 72/75 4 bolt turbo or similar. Let me know what you have. Thanks, Nick
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    2018 Rule Discussion

    I agree. Paul and I will take care of that.
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    2018 Rule Discussion

    Sounds good
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    Sold. Thanks everyone
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    RRA change vote

    Nicholas j Piccione Jr(Nick)