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    My mileage sucks!

    Oh thanks...I live in southern California though. Don't see much for less than 20k. I had an 87 astroroof. Very rare. I'm wondering what happened to my signature???
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    My mileage sucks!

    Car is long gone :-( Blew a turbo and it ran debris through the engine. Had a new turbo that Lou czarnota put on for me for free (great guy), but it was too late. Then the rings went in number 2 I think, I did bodywork on the side and then alot of things went South in my life. Car ended up with...
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    My mileage sucks!

    Wow I went through hell with this car! Anyone remember me? :-)
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    Getting ready for a future grudge match VS. a Mustang

    That D-5 TC is going to cost you alot of potential. That thing sucks up alot of power.
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    Hey 12.90's was too easy-lol,Converter lockup worthwhile?

    If you want to get more power to the ground...not waste power, get a small diameter TC with little slip. Usually the smaller ones dont have lockup, but there are some that couple pretty close to 1:1. Its an expensive investment, but worth every penny. You'll be shocked at the massive improvement...
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    Hey 12.90's was too easy-lol,Converter lockup worthwhile?

    In addition to the spark blowout comment- Your coil packs and entire ignition are only as good as the grounds in the whole system. Supra guys often run an extra ground strap to cure a whole host of electrical problems that come with time. With a 20 year old plus wiring harness, the problems are...
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    Hey 12.90's was too easy-lol,Converter lockup worthwhile?

    The D-5 converter, even if its been reworked, still has a large diameter and alot of rotating mass. Simply dropping way down in diameter, even while keeping a low stall speed, can do a great deal for acceleration...ALOT more than you may think.
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    chris ellis says turbo cars are not good braket racers??

    Turbos tend to be more sensitive to weather changes since barometric pressure, humidity and the resulting changes in A/F can affect spoolup, and that effects the way the chassis is loaded as well. The Pro-5.0 guys run 100mm turbos and run well into the 6's and are pretty consistent, but not as...
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    How Often Do You Guys Change Your TR's Oil?

    Wow you guys like changing oil! If you have a clean burning motor with tight piston to wall clearance and little blowby or leakdown, and drive at operating temp for longer than 15 minutes, you can easily go 5000-8000 miles on the oil. But it needs to be a good synthetic and a good filter. I...
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    Art Carr vs PTC converter results

    You disagree, yet confirm my point. What I said was Your main complaint was the lack of strong and/or reliable components. I know the AC's are rated pretty high in terms of power, but it seems to take alot of power to get them to work off the shelf form. My main point was that...
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    Time to get my Low Speed fan working

    9 times out of 10, the cause is the 20 year old die electric grease in the relays and relay connectors that turns almost as hard as plastic and destroys all conductivity. My low speed fan barely worked when I got my car and high speed wasnt great either. You can jump it, but what good is the...
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    Trust bearing !!!

    Yeah, its pronounces "thrust", meaning linear movement along the rotating and out, front to rear. If the engine builder doesnt properly crush the bearing prior to final assembly, this will create a lack of clearance that ends up being worn out, and once wear begins, it doesnt stop...
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    Art Carr vs PTC converter results

    Its news to me that AC even made a lockup TC for our cars. Mine was nonlock, and spooled like a raped ape and pulled insane. Some idiot had put 4.56's in my car and it stalled at about 2800. When I put the stock GN rear in, with stock gears, now it didnt even start building boost till 3200. The...
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    Art Carr vs PTC converter results

    It has nothing to do with the brand. The TC needs to be dialed in for your weight, gearing and power curve. If the AC was slipping too much, then it was obviously designed for less power, or less weight in mind. Theres rarely a time when you can buy a TC off the shelf and have it work exactly...
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    Rugh Idle and miss

    Ok, I had wacky BLM's from vacuum leaks, but they were high blm's. After changing to an LS1 MAF, 50's, an extender chip and a translator, my BLM's were bottomed out at 90 and it was spewing raw gas. I dropped the BLM offset down to 1, and even my translator down to 10% lean which got my BLM's in...