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    New Owner of 2000 Regal GS

    Keep us posted!
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    New to Group and looking to do some SLP Mods and upgrades

    Even more scarce these days just like a GS that is not run to death.
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    1985-1987 Buick Century

    Hey everyone. I currently have an 1987 Buick Century which I love to drive. I have always wanted to find another. As long as it is is good shape with decent miles. Must be a V6 car. 2.8 or 3.8 and multi-port. T-Type or a Coupe would be awesome. But a sedan would be fine as well. BTW if anyone...
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    Cooling Fan High Speed Temperature Switch

    Those have been dicontinued unnless you can find a used one for sale or NOS.
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    Bnib aeromotive stealth 340lph pump

    Still available?
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    My Son's New Car

    These are great looking and running cars. I used to own a few Mustangs in my younger days. I still miss my Black 1990 GT 5-speed. Just plain fun to drive and imo the toghestest engine Ford ever produced!
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    Pro-Touring Ttype Build

    Very nice and tare car! Great job!
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    On the struggle bus

    Replace the TCc switch in the pan. This slightest piece of trash will cause that problem.
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    Longtime .... Update on my 1985 Grand National

    Great work man! The small details are what makes the the job stand out. Looks great. Tastefully done!
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    For Sale: 1987 Regal Turbo LS3 Conversion

    Someone who does not understand the magic of the 6. 😁
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    New to Group and looking to do some SLP Mods and upgrades

    Very nice car. Good luck on the SLP parts. They turn up once in a great while on EBAY.
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    Nice 84 T-Type Family Owned

    This is a very opinionated statement. If you love the LS platform so much perhaps you should drive a Monto Carlo SSand maybe not screw a very rare example of a T-Type! Some are just plain stupid. No cure for that. 😠
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    Nice 84 T-Type Family Owned