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    Anyone in here near Southern DE?

    That's what we are about. Always available to help.
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    Anyone in here near Southern DE?

    Sure. What s going on ?
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    can someone help me tune my car??

    Off McDade Blvd.. Ridley Park area Buick Turbo Performance Center 831 South Ave Secane, Pa 19018
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    can someone help me tune my car??

    Talked to Ed yesterday .. Give him a call.. Ed Singleton (610) 306-1623
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    can someone help me tune my car??

    Give Jim Dunn a call.. He's right off McDade Blvd.. 1 610 721 4695.. HTH
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    Sand in my motor?

    Good to hear your getting some compensation.. Your in good hands with Billy..
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    Wanted Pass. Side Mirror

    Okay.. Thanks Earl , will try that first then .. Doesn't hurt to try and fix first.. 6 to go , will pm if that doesn't work.. Thanks again..
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    Wanted Pass. Side Mirror

    Looking for a standard or remote rh or passenger side mirror.. Must be a good working piece.. Have a remote now that is a loosey goose and car is headed for the paint shop.. Let me know price and shipping to 19808 Delaware.. Thanks..
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    Any ideas on replacing Gators

    BF Goodrich's here.. 1.8 short time at the track with the X a few years ago..
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    Spool Fool fillers installed

    Gel coat looks good for quite a few years.. After about ten years, mine need a coat of paint like the rest of the car.. Good job guys..
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    Help us build "Nasty Wendy 2"- AKA "The Phonix"

    Donation sent.. Git-R-Done!!
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    Robbed ,ripped off, stole from .. Shop break in alert !!

    Outside cameras and cell phone alarm backup.. Can't cut air!! Have them here at my shop.. Good luck on getting back up and catching the perps..
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    Very rare parts from 1988,this is a must see..

    400.00 shipped on speedo??
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    Parting 84 Silver T-type, 84 Black T-type and 87 GN+ GNX style wheels

    Sold.. Pm me with details.. Thanks