'87 GN (purchased from w/ build credit to 87Nat), 6776 dual ball bearing turbo, 60 lb. injectors, Precision stretch intercooler, ATR 3" DP, Tial 38mm external wastegate, RJC boost controller, Hemco plenum, LS1 MAF w/ translator, wideband Turbotweak chip, Powerlogger, Casper fuel pressure transducer for Powerlogger, vacuum brakes, PTC 10" 2800 LU converter, Hothkis boxed lower control arms, 1 5/8 aftermarket rear sway bar, driveshaft safety loop, Bilstein shocks, Alky injection, Alky pressure gauge and transducer, Innovate wideband sensor, Scanmaster, ATR SS exhaust w/ Pitbull mufflers, Walbro fuel pump


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