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    Stock Radiator Fan with Support Bracket and 60# Injectors with Street Chip

    I have the stock fan along with the support bracket $35 price drop to $25 OBO. 60# TurboTweak Injectors with a v5.7 Turbo Tweak Street Chip - $125 price drop to $100 OBO. Chip was burned with the following parameters: 93 Octane Timing 20/18 degrees Boost 16 to 18 psi Max 6265 Precision Turbo...
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    Are my injectors too small?

    I just acquired and had installed a 6262 a fmic 3" dp. I have a single nozzle meth kit, power plate ported intake and running 42# injectors with an aftermarket fuel pump and Hotwire kit. I have read many people upgrade to 60# injectors with their 6262. I have stock heads and bottom end. My...