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    Metco Wheel Well Fuel Cell Tank

    Either far from a long shot but’s worth the try does anyone’s have a Metco fuel cell tank available, much appreciated!
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    Snow Performance Dual nozzle Alky kit

    Hi I have a very nice Snow performance Dual nozzle alky kit witch includes everything you need to plug and play. I would post pics but unfortunately it is still on my car. The dual nozzle progression was a bit more than I needed for my build. Great kit all in all, mounts in the trunk which I...
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    Electronic dash to Gnx style plus map and alky clarification needed.

    I think I'm pretty close to understanding what I need to do but thought someone could shed a little light on the situation. One of my GNs originally came with an electronic dash that the previous owner swapped for an AVC GNX style dash. Here is a photo of the current set up where a map sensor...