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    Stock Crank, Rods and Pistons

    Everything came out of a well running, non smoking motor. I wanted to do a full build so Rotating assembly no longer required! I'd say <20k miles on the whole assembly being I have a receipt of a new motor from 2004 from before I bought the car and I really haven't put many miles on it in the...
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    What crank do I have?

    Im trying to identify a crank that was pulled out of a built gn. its a steel crank with "231 3400" on it, so its stock stroke, also standard size journals. it looks like a pretty nice crank so I'm trying to find the brand. has an ID number 40142 stamped on the flywheel flange and M040142 on one...
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    Engine wont crank over! need help ASAP

    Hello this is my first post and I am hoping to find some knowledgeable answer quick! It all started a couple days ago when i got GN parts in the mail. The next day i went to install them. I installed new fuel pump with the hot wire kit a fuel pressure regulator 42lbs fuel injectors and the turbo...