1. B

    Gages fuse keeps blowing during hard acceleration

    My gages fuse keeps blowing during moderate/hard acceleration. If I’m not accelerating with haste, the fuse stays intact. Any ideas?
  2. J

    Burgundy Dash Pad

    Dash Pad Wanted for 87 Buick T-Type (Burgundy)
  3. Boston Bulldog


    Hello all! I hope life is good and the turbos are spinning. I could use some help from anyone who can take just a minute to give their 2 cents on a digital dash set up. I can not say what company, but I am working closely with a company, helping them to set up a digital dash that will bolt right...
  4. 87Limitedwo2

    AutoMeter 2 1/6 mechanical water temp #3332

    I know this is a long shot but does anyone have an AutoMeter Mechanical 2 1/6 Sport Comp Water Temp Gauge #3332 either new or used in excellent condition? I hate the thought of paying near $100 for a new one. Thanks, Justin
  5. T

    Dash cover from my 86 GN

    I just replaced the dash cover in my 86 GN with a new reproduction from Kirban. Tricky with the windshield in but doable! The old one wasn't really that bad. Just two barely noticeable cracks on each end. No warping. See pics. I am offering the old one free of charge to forum members but don't...