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    Fast Xfi with internal datalogger & Casper module.

    Xfi and Casper module are like new only on car for 10 miles, have the box and the manual. Has internal logger. $1,600
  2. S

    FAST B2B w/ Casper Harness and injectors

    FAST B2B late model unit (2004) , with Caspers Buick V6 harness, laptop wires , new 02 sensor (not original ), and injectors $550 Shipped . There's nothing wrong with this unit , I purchased it from a Turbo Buick member, It was installed on my car a few years ago for about a week , the...
  3. M

    Fast XIM

    Locking for a fast XIM Thanks
  4. T

    TPS voltage dropping

    I'm using the Fast XFI 2.0 system and recently I've come up with a tps error. The problem is the voltage is dropping off after the engine is started. I can set the tps at .44v with the engine off and the pin out voltage is the same at the ecu. (BUT) the voltage isn't steady, it jumps or hunts up...
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    Upgrade system or Fast

    I have been upgrading my 30k GN that I found after I had lost my first one in a divorce Grrrrr. Anyway been spending money on exhaust, Air intake, and such to this point. Purchased new injectors most recently. My question is as I add up $ that I will need to update the current electronics, power...