header panel

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    Exterior Paint code and source help

    Hello, I am looking to paint the header panel of my 87 grand national. The factory paint code is W19 I believe, and is discontinued. I read from the forums that WA8555 is one option. Does anyone know where to get this in Canada, or something of similar quality (i.e., dupli-color part number)...
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    Video's Of Spoolfool Carbon Bumpers, Fillers, Glasstek Fiberglass Hood and Highway Stars Header Panel

    Parts are on my 1987 Grand National, videos are really basic but my paint does have a blue flip that all 4 parts do well. I don't see a forum for body work so I'll just throw it in here. I also don't ever make videos but rarely do I have 4 items that are done at once where I can give others...
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    Looking for a front header panel for my 1987 GN new or used. Used would have to be in excellent condition.
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    Looking for a header panel

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a header panel in decent condition. It is for my 84 GN, but I don't mind filling hood ornament holes or repairing minor blemishes. Would like it shipped to 54635, WI.