heater core

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    Aftermarket heater core ground

    Hello everyone, I purchased a replacement style aluminum heater core which is designed different from the original one. The little bracket with the ground strap that secures the heater core at the top does not fit. Any recommendations on grounding the core to the body to prevent or reduce...
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    Wanted NOS Heater Core 86"

    All right guys I know some of you have these hidden in your warehouse of gold. Needing a NOS 86" heater core. Do not want an aluminum one. Genuine Unicorn dust please. Got a photo of mine and what some say is right which is very wrong. The one I need is on the left all busted and leaking. Thanks...
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    Pictures of Heater / AC Box

    Does anyone have a series of pictures (any angle would help) of an intact heater and AC box? Actually any pics would do. I changed the heater core and repaired the AC evap, and it took me all summer after i said the famous last words, "this will be simple" but I don't remember how I took it...