1. jshot

    knock on gauge but not scanmaster

    thinking i have false knock but not sure yet. for example this morning caspers gauge was in the red and the scanmaster was at 0.8 deg KR. of course I let off. I think it may be shifting related. I have noticed I am getting erratic knock on the gauge. in the green on the gauge and nothing on the...
  2. 1

    Things I should know when building a slightly faster than stock car

    I have a 1985 regal t-type and I have some questions about how to get started on modifying it. I got the car when I was 14 and before I got my license I redid the carpet and headliner as well as the valve cover gaskets. My age isn't what it says it is in my profile because I was not sure if you...
  3. K

    Knock Sensor Issues

    Stock long block - never touched the knock sensor - trying to track down a snapping sound coming from engine under boost (>8 psi). Started a month ago and have tested several things: coil and ign module, plugs replaced, fuel pressure is good (under boost), methanol spray is working, no leaks in...
  4. T

    Casper's Audible Knock Detector $35 shipped

    This thing works great, don't need it anymore. Priced at $35 shipped obo